Thursday, December 31, 2009

Many Victories

I find it amazing that I often get less rest during holidays than I do during the normal year. Because I have so much free time, I stay up even later, and then I try to get up early the next morning so that I don't waste the day. Ultimately, I wind up totally whacked out when I go back to school. I'm really going to try to keep this from happening this holiday, but I'm going to have to start fighting it now. I've stayed up obscenely late almost every night, so far.

Generally, the past day has been full of win. There was massive owning at Pictionary, and the beating of Halo 3 by Evan (and crying by me, as always).

But, best of all, was this:

That is Evan. Yes, he is crocheting.

Last night, he expressed an interest in learning how to crochet (after talking to me for quite some time about how absolutely wonderful it is) and I told him that I would teach him today. We started, of course, with the chain. Because I wanted to teach him just like I was taught, I sent him home with some acrylic and one of my hooks (no one can ever doubt that I love this boy), and instructed him to practice chaining until I see him again over Spring Break. I spent a lot of my childhood practicing the simpler stitches, and it really benefited me.

I'm extremely impressed with how quickly he grasped the concept, and how enthusiastic he is about it. I taught him both pencil (what I use) and knife hold, and he chose knife hold, for the time being. I think it will work better for him, because he has big hands. I am mega proud of him, and I can't wait to teach him more when he comes back. Ben captured the last few minutes that we spent with Evan before he left to go home again (sad face). Me and my Evil Stepmother, he and his blue acrylic starter chain: shoulder to shoulder.

These are the moments that make me remember just how wonderful my life really is.

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  1. Shannon, this is unbelievably sweet of you. i truly enjoyed learning about your favorite things to do, something thats personal and very dear to you. i felt as if by you showing and teaching me anout this, we have grown closer because now i truly can understand where you go (in that little far out world of yours) when you are crocheting =),,i love you very, very much.

    p.s- im almost done the ball(soon i know), i enjoy doing it so much. i also found a seperation in the yarn. its apparently made of two strings. i tried your little "spit splicing" technique, it almost worked, but soon found out that i cant match up to your splicing skills =). so i just tied 'em together! lol. i think i have gotten the chain down. I cant wait for our next lesson!

    Love, Evan(No Pants)


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