Sunday, May 16, 2010


I remembered last night, while I was knitting on Dolores during intermission at The Music of Pink Floyd that my Ravelversary was coming up. Fearing that I had missed it, I quickly checked Rav on Ben's phone and found out that it was today. On May 16, 2009, I was invited to join this lovely web community, and I will forever be SO grateful that I am able to participate in it. I would never have become the crocheter/knitter that I am today, without Ravelry to inspire, teach, and encourage (and, of course, enable) me. Although today will be a somewhat non-yarny day for me, I will be celebrating all day long. I'll have even more of a chance to celebrate my Ravelversary tomorrow, when my Harmony Interchangables and DPNs and new knitting books arrive from KnitPicks. If they don't come tomorrow, then I'll celebrate again when they do. I also purchased enough Cascade 220 at WEBS to make two sweaters! Their Cascade is on sale (4.99 a hank!) until the end of the month, and there's tons of it in stock! So, I'll be looking forward to receiving that, and making sweaters (and socks, but more on that later) after my ten shawls are complete.

With that, I must embark on a far-flung and potentially irritating day. But, I'm going to make the most of it, and I hope everyone out there has a great day, too.

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