Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello all! Oh dear, it's been a while...

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday season. I suddenly find myself in 2012. When did that happen? The past year has gone by very quickly for me, although each month seemed to pass by so slowly. It was a particularly difficult year for me, and I'm pretty glad that it's over. I hope that the coming year will contain significantly more knitting, and less drama. It will hopefully also include more blogging! I think about blogging all the time, but I seldom actually get around to it. It doesn't help matters that I haven't finished a project in ages. I have one shawl to show off, my finished Holden Shawlette, and multiple other things in the works, most of which are gifts. I have a film-strip scarf for one of my dearest friends, which is somewhat slow-going due to the four MILLION ends I have to weave in before doing the edging. I'm also finishing up a hat for another friend, and after a quick headscarf for my closest girlfriend, I'll be able to start a new project for me, or maybe polish off one of the many sleeping wips. I hope to have pictures to post of SOMETHING soon!

While I do hope that this year will contain more knitting, I can guarantee that the next few months won't, so I'm trying to get as much knitting as possible done before the new semester starts. I hope to be back soon with pictures! As it is, I'm going to stop rambling and get some sleep--something I haven't had much of over the last couple of days.

May 2012 bring wonderful things to all of us!

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