Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the way...

Wow, two days in a row! Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse. The challenge that I accepted last night of completing Aria's shawl was an abysmal failure. I didn't finish it today, either, but I am on the last section, so there's hope for finishing it this week, if I can get my homework out of the way early enough. There's even a glimmer of hope for tomorrow.

As of this morning, a care package is on its way to Shreveport, containing my copy of Knitting Rules, two Hubig pies and a bag of Zapps Voodoo Blend chips. It should arrive in Shreveport tomorrow, where Frances will bring them to Stephanie on Saturday night. With any luck, she'll sign my book, and Frances will get to give her my foodstuffs, along with a six-pack of Abita beer. I also included a heartfelt note, just to further solidify my dorkiness and simulated presence.

I hope to have pictures of a finished something soon. The Ishbel is #1 on the list, so it will probably be that. I think I'm going hit the WIP basket hard for a while, and finish up some of these things that have been lurking. Next up will probably be Mara, since that's almost done. It's also mostly garter stitch, which will help since my knitting time these days almost always coincides with study time/practice time/class time/driving time. (I'm kidding about that last one. Mostly.)

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