Monday, February 4, 2013

A Fighting Chance

It has been so hard to knit, lately. That pair of red socks that I showed you in my last post? They're still not done. I could ordinarily finish them in something like three days, but it's been much longer than that. I started a new wrap that is gorgeous and promising, but it's only about three inches long. School and work and rehearsal are conspiring to leave me with no free time, and what precious minutes I can steal away from my responsibilities usually turn into an unexpected nap, because I'm using all of the energy I have.

However, today I have arranged a tiny, tiny vacation. I had an unusually empty Monday, with only one thing on my schedule, and I cancelled it. That means that I have a total day off for the first time since Christmas break. I have a few things to take care of, but it will mostly be a day of knitting. A day of knitting and movies and finally getting to call my family. A day of cooking what I want for lunch, and getting to eat it at home. A day of relaxing and enjoying the quiet of an empty house. I'm so thankful for this day. I hope very much that, despite the chaos of my schedule, I will manage to come back soon and share pictures of whatever my needles produce on this marvelous day. I've got a big pot of one of my favorite coffees, and a big pile of yarn waiting for me.

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