Saturday, August 9, 2014


Not a whole lot of knitting happened, today. I pulled out the provisional cast on for Ben's dice bag and got the cast on edge back on the needles. However, something happened which caused the working yarn to get threaded through a stitch, somehow. So, I need to fix that and I have nowhere near enough patience for that tonight. I'm off tomorrow, so I hope to finish the dice bag so that Ben can use it at our Numenera game on Sunday. I'm also hoping to get some work done on the gloves, which are at a fiddly stage right now. 

I got some new tea from work today, so I'm hoping for a day of relaxing knitting while I lament the fact that I am not at Stitches. I can also get some decent daylight pictures of things tomorrow. Nothing really exciting to say tonight, it's been a pretty blah kind of day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

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