Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quick Traveling

Hello everyone! Once again, it's been the better part of a month with no post. I swear, this app is going to help. At some point. The problem is, actually, that I really have nothing to show off at the moment. I finished the Mara, but have not blocked her (or the Ishbel from a while back-I was trying to hold out for more blocking's not looking good.) However, Ben and I took a quick trip to Chicago to apply for this apartment that we really love, and in the 38 hours we spent on the train getting there and back, I started work on a large Traveling Woman as a farewell gift to a dear friend who has helped me through some very difficult travels this year. That is still very much in progress, but it needs to be done by Thursday, so I should have some pictures very soon. In the meantime, just imagine a giant pile of unblocked FOs. That's my bedroom.

Oh, and I've also been very badly bitten by a new project. Fellow blogger Kate has just finished up a stunning Veil of Isis, and I seriously need one of my own. I've looked at this pattern countless times before, but hers pushed me over the edge. I was contemplating this morning knitting some lace in a dark, dramatic color. I'm not sure yet whether this is the project for it or not. I really love Kate's version in the grey. But, what I love most about this pattern us that it incorporates many of my favorite shapes and motifs, and it just has so many of the elements that make me love lace. Now, I just have to find the right yarn--and considering the condition of the yarn funds, that may be a challenge.

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