Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cleaning and Mermaids

Mmmmm, sleepy. I should be asleep. I have work in the morning.

Today, I (finally) began the epic battle with my closet. When we moved into our house last year, I put all of the boxes into the closet. Since then, my room has grown around all of the stuff in the closet, to the point where it kinda became a huge, organized mess. Well, I decided that today was the day, and I jumped in. I'm not finished yet, but I'll probably knock it out the rest of the way tomorrow. I made a lot of progress today, and I'm pooped.

I was rewarded, though, by my package from madbird arriving today. I waited until just now to open it, as incentive to clean more.

(Please forgive the bad lighting. I wanted pictures NOW.)

Wow. I'm so sleepy, that I totally forgot that I was working on a blog post, and got lost on Rav for a while. I should definitely go to bed soon.

But, anyway, I am so happy with this purchase! The product is wonderful, as was the packaging and the nice 'thank you' card that the seller included! This was a very enjoyable buying experience, and I highly recommend madbird. She makes knitting needle and crochet hook cases, project bags, and zipper bags, among other things.

Okay, sleepytime now, before I pass out on the keyboard.

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