Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wool Fumes...

It is as I promised.

Prepare yourselves.

Aaaaaahhhh... I am still reveling in the glory of it all. I cannot wait to start using all of this deliciousness.

In further news, this is what exists so far of the Cranberry Pantomime.

I'm debating over whether or not to add more extended sc rows before I start the outside/edging. I know that the shawl is going to come out smaller than the original in the pattern, because I'm using lighter yarn and a smaller hook. But, I don't want it to come out too small. But, I'm also afraid that, if I add more rows, I will run out of yarn along the way. I'm going to wait and see how much yarn I have left after the exsc section is done as per the pattern, and go from there. I should get a yarn scale...

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