Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I may die of bliss.

I just opened my first package ever from Eat. Sleep. Knit.


Malabrigo Sock-Stonechat

Dream in Color Smooshy-Pansy Golightly, Dusky Aurora, Happy Forest

Scarlet Fleece:Painted Merino-Guitar Hero

I think I had my first, really really real yarngasm. I am (almost) embarrassed to admit that I actually moaned when I held the Dream in Color. It really is that smooshy. I would be actually embarrassed, but I know for sure that you would have moaned, too. It was enough to make me truly desire, for a moment, to toss aside any and everything that I'm working on, and just dedicate myself to this box of yarn.

I also got my yarnathon welcome pack, which has an ESK button (!! I love buttons !!), a really cute pen, and a knitting pattern which I, sadly, cannot use. Also, my lotto ticket yielded five dollars in store credit, yay!!

I had no idea how awesome this box full of joy was going to be. I cannot wait until morning, when I can take pictures that might, maybe, do all of this justice.

On another happy note, look over there! >>>>>>>>

I have shiny, new progress bars for my WIPs, powered by Rav!

This has been a very happy day, all around. It was Ben's last day of vacation before he went back to work, and we generally had a very nice day. There was much Halo victory on my part.

There was also much not-victory, but it all evened out.

I am so excited about all of my new yarn! I also have an animal parade bag coming from Rav. I promised myself that these would be my last buys for a while, but I decided that I would save up a little more so that I could buy this absolutely perfect flock of sheep bracelet that I found on Etsy. After that, I really am laying off of the pocketbook for a while.

I'm going to go work on the Pantomime. I have some pent-up yarn love to work out. ^-^

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