Friday, January 22, 2010

From a different point of view

Wow. This week has been the busiest week of my life.

Right now, my school and surrounding area for miles and miles looks something like this:

Traffic has been nothing short of hell, because everything has been reduced to a single lane of traffic. I've been going nonstop, between classes, opera rehearsal and Verdi Requiem. I literally have no time between them, where one goes directly to the next with only enough time to travel between the places. Tonight is our first performance of the Verdi, and after tomorrow my life will be mostly back to normal.

However, over the past couple of days my mood has lifted noticeably, and I'm trying to look at these things from a different point of view. Instead of thinking it as destruction, I'm trying to think of it as re-construction. I'm trying to think of it as progress.

In more yarn-related news, I have FINALLY taken my first trip to an honest-to-goodness yarn store. On Wednesday, I paid a visit to our LYS.

The gloriousness. The undiluted woolly joy. I almost died. In commemoration, I purchased a lovely skein of Schaefer Yarns Heather in Clara Barton:

Well, it turns out that I had such a nice time, the the Powers That Be deigned that I should go back. So, They arranged it so that I forgot my phone on the way out, and back I went today to retrieve it.

On the way out, a couple of Clara's rogue sisters crept into my bag...

...Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendy. Those wenches.

After this, I'm gonna steer clear of the LYS until I've used up some of this yumminess. (I know I keep saying that. I mean it.) Also, I think that some of this yarn might be used for something a little different than I originally intended...*secretive snicker*

I'll tell all about it soon...if it works out. Until then, may the suspense be with you. Always.

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